Comedy Icon Jerry Lewis Garners First Oscar

This momentous honor proves that if you work at something hard and long enough, it will eventually pay off.   Comedy icon and Las Vegas resident Jerry Lewis, 82-years-young, finally garnered his Oscar.  Lewis, who has never even been nominated for an Oscar before, will receive the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award by the Board of jerry-lewisGovernors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences at the 81st Academy Awards on February 22.    

Jerry Lewis will be presented with an Oscar statuette to honor his decades of work with the Muscular Dystrophy Association- an association where he’s been the chairman and their leading spokesman since 1952. 

Jerry Lewis’ untiring drive, ambition, and coordinative efforts to find a cure for muscular dystrophy have raised more than $2 billion since the 1966 kickoff of his annual Labor Day Telethon.

Lewis won a Golden Globe award in 1966 for his role in “Boeing (707) Boeing (707)” for Best Motion Picture Actor in a Musical/Comedy.


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2 responses to “Comedy Icon Jerry Lewis Garners First Oscar

  1. People with disabilities; feminists; and gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people are all protesting the choice of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to grant this award to Jerry Lewis.

    Some people with Muscular Dystrophy question how much benefit his annual telethon has really produced for them. Even those who feel it produces some benefit (or, who value the Muscular Dystrophy Association, even if they think they should have fired Jerry years ago) still feel that the STRATEGIES that Jerry employs in his fund raising attempts have caused enormous harm to them. He promotes very negative stereotypes of, people with disabilities as being perpetually child-like, helpless, pathetic creatures who can’t work. These attitudes, entrenched throughout society, make it harder for us to obtain the jobs we are qualified for (because we are frequently judged based on people’s mistaken assumptions about what people with disabilities can and cannot do, not based on our actual qualifications for the job). These attitudes also make it significantly more difficult for all people with disabilities, including people with muscular dystrophy, to advocate for access to human rights that significantly improve our quality of life, such as the right to live in the community with appropriate support services (instead of being confined to an institution or nursing home).

    Read more information on people’s objections to the telethon at:

    Read what people with muscular dystrophy say about Jerry’s telethon at:

    Read what other bloggers say at

  2. Vince

    As long as Lindsay has mental problems and addiction problems, she will be unemployable.

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