Tell Us…Please: Are the Rumors True, Steve (Wynn)?

After the recent Las Vegas gala opening for Steve Wynn’s newest flagship Encore property, the rumor mill has been stevewynn2working exhausting overtime hours.  If you haven’t heard the rumblings, the founder, chairman, and CEO of Wynn Resorts, Steve Wynn, has supposedly separated from his wife, Elaine, a former Miss Miami Beach in 1960 and significant contributor to Wynn’s enterprises. 

Neither have confirmed or denied the separation.  

Adding winds to the tempest, a Wynn Las Vegas villa is reportedly now being renovated to be the new home of Steve Wynn and his mystery British girlfriend, a divorcee in her late 40s with children.

Steve Wynn and his girlfriend were reportedly in St. Moritz, Switzerland, celebrating his 67th birthday last Tuesday. 

The Wynn’s were married in 1963 and divorced, but never separated, in 1986, when Steve risked everything by building The Mirage with help from then junk-bond trader Michael Milken.  They remarried five years later at the Waldorf-Astoria, site of their first wedding.


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3 responses to “Tell Us…Please: Are the Rumors True, Steve (Wynn)?

  1. K8

    Andrea Hissom will have her work cut out for her, Elaine will be a tough act to follow. She’s the brains behind Wynn, how many times can you cut your empire in half? Steve Wynn is about to find out. Stupid man!!! That’s what he gets for letting the “little head” make the decisions.
    His investors are nervous, Wynn stock closed down yesterday….19%. He’s cut wages by 10% at his casinos, no doubt to pay for the round the world junket with Andrea. What a pig!!!

  2. Vegas lady

    So he leaves Elaine, who’s helped him build his empire, and probably the only woman in the world who, heretofore, he could trust, for this English socialite whose late father ran some kind of side business introducing young women to wealthy men.
    Like Ivana Trump once said: Take him for everything [Elaine].

  3. Kathie W

    Steve Wynn is a handful, Elaine Wynn was the soft one in that relationship. The man has a shocking temper. I wish Elaine all the best in the future, she is a class act. I am amazed he found a woman that could stand to stay with him. I am sure all the cocktail waitresses at the Wynn will not miss his wondering eyes and hands for that matter.

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