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Howard Hughes’ Main Man Gordie Margulis Dead at 77

Howard Hughes’ main confidant, Gordon Margulis, known to his many friends simply as “Gordie,” died at age 77 in a Las Vegas hospice after succumbing to cancer of the esophagus on March 25.  

Margulis was perhaps the closest and probably most unlikely confidant to the reclusive Howard Hughes.   It was Margulis who whisked a frail and mentally fractured Howard Hughes down the back stairs of the Desert Inn in 1970 to a waiting jet ambulance, being part of closing a historic era in Las Vegas history. 

Gordie and Melvin Stewart cared for Hughes every day of his life and was one of the very few people allowed in to see him.  While being part of the inner circle, always highly protective of Hughes’ oft-forgotten humanity, he also cooked for Hughes.  Gordie also remained a valuable resource for authors seeking to understand the Hughes legend. 

Margulis is survived by his wife, Helen, daughter Danielle, and sons Sean and Gordon.  Services are scheduled for 11 a.m, on Monday, March 30 at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church at 2300 Sunridge Heights Parkway in Henderson, Nevada.

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