Dialing In Las Vegas Fun

We’ve all spent mind-expanding, sometimes numbing, but yet entertaining hours watching at one time or another television quiz shows like “Jeopardy,” “Wheel of Fortune” and “Family Feud.”  

The brainchild behind these shows and others like them over the past 25 years is Las Vegas resident Mark Richards.   He’s now trying for a revival.  But instead of trendy television being the medium, he’s hoping that his new weekly two-hour radio quiz show will grab and hold the attention of Las Vegas listeners. 

Richards’ current object of affection is called the “The Radio Game Show,” which will be an amalgamation of his prior shows and premiers on KNUU970-AM in Las Vegas at 1:05 p.m. PST this Sunday, April 12. 

“Nobody in the country is doing a game show on radio,” says Richard, who also owns a video production company.  “Some stations are doing contests for tickets for show, but not a game show like this one.” 

If successful, the quiz show guru plans to syndicate his show across the country. 

He might just have his dream come true.  After all, he has succeeded with the show in the past.  The show ran in the San Diego, Los Angeles, and other cities in the 1980s.  He even brought the show to Las Vegas in 1990, where it aired for about two weeks on KVEG 97.5-FM and then on KENO 1460-AM for about three years. 

Godspeed, Mr. Richards.

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