Breaking: Michael Jackson Suffers Heart Attack

Entertainer and sometimes Las Vegas resident Michael Jackson, 50, suffering in the past from fatigue bouts and fad diets, has just now suffered a cardiac arrest in his Los Angeles home at approximately 1:15 p.m. (PT).  Paramedics performed CPR as he was in route to the hospital.     

Michael Jackson was on the verge of his new world tour, as previously reported by Las Vegas Backstage Access.  Further details will follow.


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15 responses to “Breaking: Michael Jackson Suffers Heart Attack

  1. As an avid participant and student of the Midlife Crisis, Jacko had his own unique way of dealing with it.

    Our DNA tells us that by our mid 40’s we are supposed to be dead. Most exceptional people hit their stride then.

    It’s a strange comparison, but Apollo Astronauts, Michael Jackson, and Football stars all peaked in their early or middle years. With 30-40 more years to go, many guys end up saying, “What now?”

    I hope he recovers and re-invents himself in a positive and fufilling way. He defined pop. For all his abnormal behavior, non-judgemental people agree his talent is extraordinary and he’s earned the title King of Pop.

    Get well Michael!

  2. Dawn

    Wow, this was a real shocker for me. It makes you wonder though….

  3. Technically, and factually, it was a cardiac arrest which is quite different from a heart attack.

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  5. campingkenya

    R.I.P Michael, you have left legacy to the entire world

  6. R.I.P King of Pop Michael Jackson
    May he rest in peace.
    We all are going to miss him.
    He’ll live in our hearts forever.

  7. The passing of MJ has marked the end of a Era in the world of music… it would have been a treat to watch his world tour. May his soul rest in peace

  8. theshank

    This may be nit-picking, but a heart attack is different from a cardiac arrest. A heart attack is brought on by a blockage of some sort . A cardiac arrest is an arthmic abnormally resulting in partial or complete stoppage of the heart.


    RIP Michael Jackson

  9. R.I.P King of Pop Michael Jackson
    May he rest in peace.
    We all are going to miss him.
    He’ll live in our hearts forever.

  10. the observer

    My bit in response to this unfortunate news…rest in peace.

  11. romicacojoc

    Nice , the whole world is talking about this… see some statistics here:

  12. Sigh MJ, you will be remembered.

    RIP MJ.

    Best wishes,

  13. dontknow3

    WoW Life is so fragile RIP MIKE we have rare interview of him in 1982 at Thanks

  14. World’s popstar Michael Jackson passed away:(

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