Dr. Reefer Smoking Mad in Las Vegas

A controversial billboard is now gone from a busy part of the southern I-215 Beltway in Las Vegas after it received lots of complaints. The billboard advertised the services of Dr. Reefer, a man who promised to help people get prescriptions for medical marijuana. PierreWerner

Although possessing a limited amount of marijuana for medical use is still legal in Nevada, many people think the billboard went too far, despite the fact that there are several risqué billboards dotting the Las Vegas valley. 

“They let advertising for pornographers, for casinos and gambling,” said Pierre Werner, also known as Dr. Reefer. 

The businessman says he doesn’t sell or grow the ganja. He merely helps others get a license for medicinal marijuana through the Nevada Medical Marijuana Program. He owned the advertisement on the billboard promoting his business, but crews were out Thursday to take it down. 

marijuanaDr. Reefer claims the billboard company was forced to after several complaints. “I just feel that this is an outrageous insult to Nevadans, to the sick people who I have helped get legal,” he said. 

“I am insulted and now I am smoking mad,” Werner said. 

For now, the billboard sits in his living room but probably not for long. “I am going to go on the offensive now, the attack, and put up more billboards now. And that’s how I am going to deal with this,” he said. 

The billboard was up for about a month and its owner says it costs nearly $7,000 for one month of advertising. Despite signing a one-year contract with the billboard company, it’s no longer here. According to Werner, he was planning to meet with his attorney to see if he could possibly seek any legal action.

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