Ghostbuster Supreme in Las Vegas

When you consider purchasing a home in Las Vegas you’ll check out the overall condition, make sure the air conditioner works and have the pool checked for cracks.  However there may be things that a building inspector just doesn’t look for so you may also want to add another item to your checklist – paranormal possibilities. paranormal

According to author Tracie Austin-Peters: “There’s an abundance of paranormal activity in this hot and dry desert.  I write about them, including a ghost on the south side who hung a Barbie doll from the ceiling, about one in North Las Vegas who played the ukulele and there’s a spirit in Summerlin who wrote messages on bathroom mirrors.”  Welcome to Haunted Las Vegas, Nevada, the book Austin-Peters released on September 13, contains 18 chapters recounting supernatural phenomena found throughout Southern Nevada.  

Some local residents don’t need to read about Las Vegas hauntings because they are living with them and when it gets to be a little too much, they call Tina Carlson, director and co-founder of the Las Vegas Society of Supernatural Investigations.   For 15 years, Carlson and her team have investigated reports of ghost and suspicious circumstances around the valley.  They start by learning as much as they can from the client and then, if an onsight investigation is needed – they arrive equipped with electro-magnetic field detectors, video and digital cameras, motion detectors and more so they can evaluate the property.  Sometimes there are every day answers hidden in the house that help ease the mind of the homeowner.  Sometimes there’s no clear cut explanation.  Does that mean it’s paranormal?  Not always, but possibly. 

So as Halloween approaches and witches and ghouls roam the Vegas Strip, don’t just assume that’s a great looking Elvis costume – look a little closer – it could be a glimpse of something else. 

Austin-Peters book is available at and  

To find out more about the Las Vegas Society of Supernatural Investigations, visit their website at or call 702 449 6047.

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