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Las Vegas Backstage Access Says “Thank You”

Thanksgiving.  It’s a time for slowing down a bit, all the while giving and sharing.  So, we at Las Vegas Backstage Access want to take time to give thanks to everyone that has helped us along the way. 

We could print a list, but we didn’t want to accidentally forget to list someone, so consider this our “umbrella thank you” that’s sent with our bountiful, universal love to everyone. 

Meanwhile, you too might want to take a little time to reflect on what you’re thankful for and hear other people’s stories.    At www.thanks-o-meter.com, readers are encouraged to write a short entry about an instance when they’ve been grateful. 

But, whatever you do, take time to enjoy being with your friends!

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Las Vegas Lady Entrepreneur to Star in “Launch My Line”

Bravo’s new fashion reality TV show “Launch My Line” partners successful professionals with established fashion designers to do just as the title says:  create a fashion line. 

A graduate of the Harvard Executive Business School, Marilyn Crawford, who lives in Las Vegas, has established herself as the ultimate expert and spokesperson in business and entertainment.  Crawford is the CEO of Windsor PTM, a global strategic marketing company. She is also Chairman of 2810, a private business membership club. 

When she was three years old she got the fashion bug–  a woman who lived down the street from her made clothes that Crawford designed with the help of her father. 

Fast forward, now Crawford figures if she could catch a fashion guru’s eye, she shouldn’t have a hard time launching a fashion line.  She envisions a clothing collection designed for the “average-sized woman,” which Crawford describes as 12-14.  She says her line would be a cross between Miranda and Samantha from the TV show “Sex and the City,” and, like those two characters, make a loud statement. 

Meanwhile, not to let grass grow under her feet, Crawford continues to travel extensively around the globe for her business and entertainment clients which include: Coca-Cola, Sony Universal, Master Charge, CNN, Volvo, Larry King, Russell Simmons and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs. 

Crawford has been named “Woman of the Year” from Arts Horizon and TD/Commerce Banks, and has received The International Women’s Exchange Compass Award, The Humanitarian of the Year Award and Ebony’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award. 

“Launch My Line” premieres Wed., Dec. 2 at 11 p.m. (PT) on Bravo.

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