Jockstrap Maids Will Clean Your Dust Bunnies for a Wiggle & Coin

Ladies, you might want to step aside:  a jockstrapped good looking man may be just prancing in to invade your marketspace in Sin City. 

Owner Max McCammond has run a “traditional” maid service for almost a decade. 

He said he came up with the idea for Jockstrap Maid Service in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, which turned his Sugar Land home in Houston into “party central” for his power-deprived pals. 

The reponse towards the male maid service exploded from the get-go. The only choice was to take the enterprise national and the best way to do that was via an effective and agressive online presence. 

So, Jockstrap Maid Service then teamed up with nVisionMax Media of Los Angeles to develop a Jockstrap Maid Service Web site that was quite intuitive to use and great looking too. 

Founded by an MIT graduate, the team at nVisionMax “did everything to make our vision a reality.” “They were just fantastic,” Max comments, “Think about it, you can order up your chef, hairdresser, just about anything these days, so why not a maid?” 

At last count, almost 35 different U.S. cities think it’s also a pretty good idea.  Las Vegas is just one of them, at present featuring two hunky men.  

Supposedly, it’s not a bad gig.  Las Vegas Backstage Access checked out a Jockstrap Maid Service in Houson that was paying $50 per hour with a two-hour minimum.  Part timers were accepted for day and night.  However, the educational requirements were you had to be smart. Oh, well. 

So, if you want, log on and check out the newly launched maid service that’s stirring up more business than your dust bunnies. 

And while we’re on the subject of unique Web sites, there is a new one that for free tracks what you’ve borrowed from others or loaned out.   Like for panties and other unmentionables.

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