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Our impassioned collective of skilled Las Vegas-based journalists and photojournalists provide content to diverse publications worldwide. Since our inception in 2009, we’re rapidly becoming the immerging crème de la crème in our focused full-service journalistic market:  Las Vegas, Nevada entertainment, lifestyle, dining, art, and travel.


In a global journalistic community marked by fierce competition and, many times, having journalists do diverse project elements all by themselves, Las Vegas Backstage Access provides diverse skills and creative help- we’re all into sharing and caring among our team members.   Big time.   To cover an event or subject properly, sometimes a journalist needs to seek out a highly skilled photojournalist, or vice versa.  Sometimes a still photographer needs a videographer to simultaneously cover an event, or know of a client that could use those services.  Or maybe a photographer might sometimes need a journalist or another photographer. Maybe a professional podcast needs to be created.  Those are the situations where we come in.  We voluntarily help each other with gigs.  All for one, one for all. 


The other nice thing is that with our broad client reach – Las Vegas, nationally and internationally – we regularly receive leads for gigs.  Sharing those among our team is what we’re all about.   And you, too, sharing among us, when the opportunity arises.


Our collective sun is rising.  We welcome you to rise with it.     


Kate Bosworth on red carpet at movie premiere of 21 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 12, 2008. Photo by Mike Stotts.

Kate Bosworth on red carpet at movie premiere of 21 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 12, 2008.

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  1. Fred S.

    What a grand idea! Creating and distributing exclusive Las Vegas articles throughout the world. And, in the processes, aiding editors and journalists!

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