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Britney Spears’ Camp Slams Las Vegas College Kid

It’s never a dull day in ol’ Britneyland– always a circus, concert tour or not.

Jordan Miller, right, a 21-year-old University of Nevada, Las Vegas college student majoring in communicationsJordanMiller launched his breatheheavy.com Web site all about the pop star, literally out of a labor of love and admiration for the star, from his Summerlin, Nevada bedroom while being in high school in 2004. 

Now, his Web site gets a half-million visits a day. 

JamieSpearsMiller’s world started to turn upside down-last fall after he received an angry phone call from the Britney’s dad, Jamie Spears, left, accusing him of copyright infringement.

Miller is fighting back.  “I’m working my ass off to report on this girl,” Miller said from his attorney’s office.  “I just think [Britney] is a really cool artist; I feel inspired by her. It’s a healthy hobby.  It takes a lot of work and dedication, but it’s self-fulfilling.” 

Miller said father Jamie Spears replied, telling him:  “I am going to destroy your ass.” 

“I was really freaking out for a good three, four weeks,” Miller said, adding,  “Lately, I’ve been doing my own thing.  I just kind of want to keep going.” 

Each day, Miller scans the Internet for stories about Britney Spears, posting them on his Webs Site and adds his comments.  He also encourages her fans to send him concert photos and messages about her worldwide “Circus” tour.

Henderson, Nevada attorney Clarke Walton, who represents Miller pro bono, has been battling the Spears legal team tooth and nail. 

Spears’ New-York based attorney Brad Rose says the use of the star’s recordings, images, copyrighted works and trademarks constitutes actionable infringement under the law. 

Miller and Walton are puzzled that Team Spears would leave oodles of other fan sites alone and yet see fit to sic legal hounds on a kid who is simply a huge admirer of the singer.  Miller believes Jamie Spears is “trying to shut me down” simply because of Web site posted comments about the father’s control over his daughter.  Miller believe Jamie is keeping Britney a prisoner. 

And it’s not like Miller has an Internet goldmine- Miller pays $300 a month to keep the site going and receives an average of $100 each month from advertisers.  Miller is also not using images or lyrics for commercial purposes, like selling merchandise. 

“If they want to fight, I’d love this fight,” Walton said. “I feel confident we would win on the merits of this case.”

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Las Vegas ‘Tea Party’ Planned for April 15

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution clearly states that free speech is the right of all its citizens.  And on April 15, citizens in many locations across the country will be joining together in many “tea party” events. tea-party

The question for many is whether these tea party events will represent the true power of the people or is it a group of merchants that are using a political hot button to protect their own financial interests?  Some of those looking back over the past eight years at the insurance swaps that were at the core of our current economic failures aren’t so sure that this grass roots movement isn’t designed to cover yet another business-based referendum. 

These modern tea parties are based in part on a historical event in Boston Harbor in 1773 where the Sons of Liberty boarded the Eleanor, the Beaver and the Dartmouth and tossed more than 300 chests of tea leaves into the water in protest of taxation without representation.  The Tea Act meant that exports from England would be taxed at the point they left the country rather than taxed at the point of purchase in the Colonies.   This would reduce the cost of the tea overall but would force taxation without representation. 

Current tea party participants, however, are not protesting imported tea but rather the Obama administration’s national budget and fiscal plans.  This kind of budget battle isn’t new – each administration has had detractors and supporters on both sides of the budget battle.   During George W. Bush’s eight-year presidency his budget proposals were soundly derided for focusing too much on war spending and too little on national health and human services.  

The symbolism of the tea party is meant to invoke a grass roots image of government by the people.  However, not all of the 2009 participants may be aware of all aspects of the original event.  Dutch tea was being smuggled into the America’s.  The 1773 Tea Act would make the imported East India Company’s stock less expensive than the tea supplied by the smugglers.  Legitimate tea merchants that were not consignees of the East India Company were also worried that they would face financial ruin as a result of their competitors selling at a lower rate.  

Much like today, there was a political divide with strong leaders on each side of the aisle.  Benjamin Franklin called for the repayment of the lost tea and four merchants, most notably Robert Murray of New York, actually approached the local British representative to cover the costs of the lost product.   Samuel Adams has been identified by some historians as initiating the well organized event at a meeting of the Sons of Liberty by using the phrase: “This meeting can do nothing more to save the country!”  And regardless of whether Adams sent the crowds to the docks or not, it is well established that he supported the idea of not paying the tax. 

So now, on April 15 around the United States, citizens will meet under a new collective banner of protesting excessive government spending and taxation.  There are stories of rabble rousers trying to infiltrate the events and disturb the new tea party.  But for sure there will be plenty of media coverage supplemented with citizen journalist cell phone videos and personal blogs.  

The question remains to be seen if these events such as the one scheduled in front of the post office in Las Vegas at 1001 Sunset Road from noon to 7 p.m. this Wednesday, April 15 will have a significant impact on the budget negotiations in Washington.  Or will the protests merely result in a failed attempt to play off of historical imagery to promote a current agenda?

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Jailbird O.J. Simpson: Busted, Not Broke & Suffering

Unless his planned legal appeals go through, O.J. Simpson, 67, faces the prospect of spending at least 15 years and up to 33 years in jail.  Simpson, as it stands now, will be eligible for parole in 2017.oj

Simpson and Clarence “C.J.” Stewart were found guilty on 12 charges, including armed robbery and kidnapping stemming from their October 2008 case that involved a Palace Station hotel confrontation in Las Vegas over sports memorabilia. Simpson contended the items had been stolen from him.

Simpson, a frequent Las Vegas nightlife visitor before his trial, sat quietly and showed little emotion at the defense table as he listened to the verdicts being read.

Some say the ruling provided fitting justice and a degree of family payback for the verdict that came 13 years earlier to the day when a Los Angeles jury acquitted Simpson of double-murder, in what many called the trial of the century, for allegedly killing his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman. 

After the murder trial, Simpson was  then dragged into civil court, where the burden of proof wasn’t as strict, and was found guilty of wrongful death.  Although he was ordered to pay the estates of his victims $33 million, he has only paid the Goldman family $500,000 – the proceeds of an auction of his coveted Heisman Trophy.

Life is not woe and suffering for the gridiron star and actor.

Simpson has the dough- and plenty of it.  While cooling his heels in prison, he still continues to collect his NFL pension, Screen Actors Guild pension, and a private pension, all earning him, depending on the market conditions, anywhere from $15,000 to $60,000 a month, says his lawyer, Yale Galanter. 

The Goldmans and Browns can’t put a lien on Simpson’s money because all his pensions are protected from creditors by federal law.

Simpson now laments (?) and spends his leisure time at the Lovelock Correction Center, a small and relatively new prison located near Reno, Nevada.

Spartan existence you say?  Pshaw!  Simpson now benefits from such amenities as a television in his cell, although he lamented the lack of HBO, and is allowed to play checkers and cards with his fellow convict roomies. “If I have to be in prison,” Page Six recently quoted him as saying, “this is the place to be.”   

And he apparently loves the prison chow, getting back up to “fighting” weight- a whole lot better then his stay at the Clark County jail in Las Vegas where he lost 25 pounds eating ‘mystery’ meat.

Simpson never ceases to amaze and run out of rabbits to pull from his plush, velvet scull cap.

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