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Michael Jackson Expected To Announce $10 Million Performance Deal on March 5

Michael Jackson has reportedly returned to London yesterday to launch his comeback.  The 50-year-old debt-ridden King of Pop, who has been living in Las Vegas for the better part of two years while entertaining many performance offers, is scheduled to make a “special announcement” March 5 at The 02 Arena in London.  michael-jacskon2

Jackson will reportedly perform 10 concerts for a reported $10 million.  

The Los Angeles-based AEG Live, who operates The O2, has reportedly booked the deal.  If the shows are well-received and attended, and Jackson can make the commitments, the deal could extend to a total of 20 to 30 performances, at up to $1 million per show. 

AEG also has a strong Las Vegas connection.  Could it be that he will perform here too?


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Spirits Favor Michael Jackson

And I don’t mean ‘spirits’ of the alcoholic variety.  No, this time the rapidly aging pop-icon and sometimesmichaeljacksonuse Las Vegas resident, who has more stories accompanying him than libraries have books, has now been bestowed the gift of a clean bill of health by Peruvian shamans.  Yes, the Gloved Wonder received the announcement last Sunday during the annual gathering at the highest point in Lima, Peru, where shamans, healers, and spirit “channelers” convened and called on the spirits to protect world figures.  Jackson, who has been the subject of numerous dire health reports, “will resist” and “get stronger,” or so they say.

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